Dec 13, 2011

Holiday gift guide

Yeah this may be kinda late, but after seeing all of the gift guides out there, I had to share my own!

So here are some holiday gift ideas (that are reasonably priced):

For your Mom:
This is what my mom asked Santa for this year. And from what I've heard its awesome. Why not get your mom the book and the movie?

For your Dad (or Pop, like I call my dad):
Ok, so all these gift guides tell you to get your dad golf accessories or ties or tools. This stuff doesn't work with my dad. He doesn't golf, has no use for more ties and has every tool known to man. But Pop loves history stuff, especially anything about "the War" (that's WWII). He has this book and really loves it.

For your brother:
I have two brothers. Two people that I always have a helluva time shopping for. They are musicians, but they have every musical instrument and gadget known to man. But how about this awesome gadget wallet? It even has a pick pocket. They can keep all their stuff together with this.

For your grandma:
My grandma loves puzzles, she does about one a week. And they can't be too easy or she just won't like it. This one is pretty and at 1000 pieces, it should keep her busy for a while... well, at least a week.

For the little boys in your life:
Who doesn't love Legos? This starter kit is pefect for any little guy to start building.

For the baby girls in your life:
Every girl needs a pair of Mary Janes and just cause you're a baby shouldn't mean you shouldn't look fashionable too. Aren't these too adorable for words?

For your BFF:
My BFF can't get enough notebooks, pens and pencils. Why not get her a pretty notebook she wouldn't get herself?

NOTE: To my family and friends that may be reading this. These may or may not be the gifts I have gotten for you. Any similarity to gifts past or present is purely coincidental.

I hope you have all at least started your shopping for this holiday season. And if you haven't I hope my gift guide gave you some ideas to get started.

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