Dec 11, 2011

Epcot time

Earlier this week, my friend Melissa and I took a little mini-vacation up to Disney World. I love going to Disney World! That was usually our family vacation when I was younger, and I just never get sick of that place.

We stayed on property at the All Star Movies Resort. We were in the Love Bug building.
in the winner's circle outside our hotel building
When we got there on Tuesday, we went to Downtown Disney to shop a bit and then went over to the Boardwalk for dinner. The Boardwalk is another resort on the Disney property and it was so cute. I had only ever been there years ago when I was in college to go to a swing dance at the dance hall there (it was the time that swingers came out). The restaurants were so cute and the atmosphere was great. It was so nice out there.
on the Boardwalk

The next day we want to Epcot (or Epcot Center, as old school me likes to call it). I'm geeky, so I love the sciencey-ness of Epcot. And we saw it all. All the future world attractions and then we hit the world showcase. We traveled around the world in an afternoon. And even though it was raining, we enjoyed some pastries and wine and saw all of the countries. We got to all of the attractions, well almost all, since theMalestrom was broken when we got there.
Epcot at Christmastime
talking on the phone in the "UK"
on the streets of "France"
having some sparkling rose wine
at the Fez House in "Morocco"
more hats in "China"
on the streets of "Germany"
meeting Jasmine & Aladdin
It was freezing when we left on Thursday morning (freezing for this Miami-an is 40!). So we bundled up, had some breakfast and got on the road back to Miami. I had such a great time, it was so much fun. I wish we could have stayed longer.

p.s. This one gets marked off my "32 things to do in my 32nd year" list!

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