Dec 27, 2011

Noche Buena 2011

Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) is when the big dinner is for my family. And it's the typical Cuban/Puerto Rican feast: lechon, congris, yuca, pasteles, pan y ensalada (that's roast pork, black beans and rice--cooked together, yucca, Puerto Rican tamales, bread and salad).

My godfather, Patiti, was doing the pig this year. It was still cooking up in the caja china when we got there. The caja china is a roaster, were you put the pig on a tray and then cover the box and top it with charcoal. This makes a kind of oven and you can roast a whole pork with no problem. Plus it comes out so delicious. While Mr. Piggie kept on cooking, we sat and chatted with the family enjoying some cocktails... some even included my Cranberry-Orange Infused Vokda.
Mom & Pop
Abuela & Me
Tia Erenia & Abuela
waiting for pig time
Finally the pig was ready and it was time to get him out of the box. My brother, Angel, and cousin, Marc, helped Patiti get the pig out and then carve it up. It looked so delicious.

Here's a hint if you're ever at a pig roast. Just go take pics of the pig being taken out and you can sneak a taste when the cooks sneak a taste too. It was super hot, but really yummy.

Inside the house in the kitchen, Mom was peeling up some pasteles she had made. Then the rest of the food made it out to the food table and it was time to eat.

Such a great spread! It also included my Mom's famous mojito (not the drink, but the condiment), to pour all over the yuca and the pork. 

After dinner we had some shots of coquito. Coquito is kind of like Puerto Rican egg nog but coconut-y and with lots of rum. You take it in small shot form, not a big cup like egg nog. (Sorry I don't have pics of it!)

It was another great Noche Buena with family and delicious food.

How was everyone else's Christmas? I hope you all ate well, enjoyed your family and had fun with your presents from Santa!

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