Feb 29, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Happy Leap Day! Here goes with this week's work in progress. I have to say that knowing I have to post something on Wednesday has kind of forced me to make things. But that's an awesome thing. I also completed one of my work in progresses from last week. Go me! The other half done, but better than nothing.

First, my new project this week. I'm making a yoga mat bag. I'm taking a new circuit training class and I have to bring a mat with me. So I figured, why not make a cute bag to go with my new mat. I'm using the cute green and white "frames" print that I've had forever for the body of the bag. There's also a few exterior pockets, and I just can't decide on the plaid or the solid. Opninions anyone?

Here is last week's Alice in Wonderland dress, all done! I love the eyelet at the bottom of the dress. I can't wait to see Alice wear it.

And here's my dressform pincushion. I'm a little disappointed at the bust of the dressform, but I think the general idea is there. Now I have to mount it on a candlestick, but I want to paint the candlestick I have first, so that will have to wait til I can steal paint from Pop this weekend.

I had grand ideas to start another project this week too, but I think one at a time will work best. Plus I have the Odd Duck Bazaar coming up at the end of March, so I'll have to make some stuff for that too. Looks like the sewing machine will be getting a workout this month!

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  1. OMGoodness, Alice is going to look darling in her birthday dress! You do amazing work woman. :)