Mar 22, 2012

Cake decorating class: Week 3

Tonight we got to decorate cupcakes, and boy, do I love cupcakes. I made my cupcakes on Sunday and then froze them. I defrosted them this morning and pulled out the "buttercream" to get it to room temp. Once we got to class we prepped all of our frostings and put them into bags. Then we started on the cupcakes.

I didn't take pics of this, but the first thing we did was fill our cupcakes with a filling. I brought lemon pudding. I filled them as best as I could, since the pudding was basically pouring out of the bag. (When Grandma had her sample cupcake once I got home, she said there wasn't much filling in there... oh well, I'll have to try it again next time.)

First we did this. I call it the Publix bakery cupcake. Just a HUGE star tip and swirl it around the cupcake to frost it. This is the perfect base for sprinkles and also awesome for those people that love frosting.

Next, we made this pretty flower. Please don't judge how it's supposed to look by my first feeble attempt. I know with practice I'll get better at this.

This is what is supposed to be a shaggy mum. I saw it in our course book and couldn't wait to make it. Apparently this one was harder than it looked. But making the leaves was awesome. I totally got the hang of that pretty quick.

Here's Mom decorating some of her cupcakes.

Next week is our final class, and we'll finally get to make roses. The cake that we're making next week is so pretty. I hope mine looks half as good as the one in the book does. I guess I'll have to wait til next week to see.


  1. They look good for your first time! I looooove me some cupcakes!

    1. I just had mine and it was delicious! Next time I just have to put in more filling.