Mar 26, 2012

Wings Over Miami

This weekend my friends, Julie, Frances and I went to the Wings Over Miami Air Museum. We stumbled upon this place online and went by on Saturday to check it out. This place truly is a hidden gem. The museum is located inside the Tamiami Airport off of 137th Avenue in Kendall.
photo by Joe May
The museum is located inside of a hangar in the airport and has an awesome collection of artifacts, from uniforms to models and actual planes. One of the first displays you see is about the Women's Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs). It was awesome to see something about the ladies in flight during WWII.

When we got inside the actual hangar I was blown away. All of the planes were amazing. The F-14 Tomcat they had on display was so huge, I couldn't believe it. It was awesome to be able to be so close to these planes. The majority of these planes are still out there flying, it's so crazy to see them that close and know that they can fly.

They also actively restore planes at the museum. If you pass by during the week you might be able to see someone working on one of the planes.

We were so happy to have found such an awesome place right in our own backyard. Wings Over Miami truly transported us to another place and time, and it was such a great experience. Plus everyone we met there was so nice and totally willing to help us and tell us about what we were seeing. You should definitely go check out Wings Over Miami, it's a can't miss look at classic and military planes right here in Miami.

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  1. Thank you for visiting! It was nice to be able to share some things about the museum with you and your friends. Hurry back!