Mar 26, 2012

Mad Men is back!

I was so happy to see last night's episode of Mad Men. And I'm so happy that they showed me a little of everyone last night. I know they're just setting up for all the craziness in store for us this season. Here are some of my thoughts on our long awaited return to the world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Can I ask an obvious question? Who is this Don? Happy, actually wanting to go home and spend time with his wife (sure it helps that she's a little sexpot)? I'm with Peggy, "He's kind, and patient. It concerns me." It concerns me too. We had a slight glimpse of the old Don when he got mad at Megan for throwing the party. Thankfully, the old Don is still in there somewhere. Well Dick I should say, since Megan knows his secret. He actually told her the truth!? Plus did everyone catch that part where Don Draper said he didn't want to work?! I'm seriously concerned.

My fave girl in the workplace, Peggy. Peggy looks like she's the only one working in the creative department, and now she has Mrs. Draper as one of her people in there too. Don is no help with anything these days, let alone the new "copywriter," Megan. Poor Peggy is pretty much out there alone. But, I was glad to see that Peggy was still with her beatnik, Village Voice writer boyfriend.

I love when they have a party on Mad Men, cause we get to see all of the characters in party clothes! Trudy and Pete didn't disappoint, as usual. But the real scene stealer was the new Mrs. Draper's mini dress and "Zou Bisou Bisou."

Megan, the new Mrs. Draper, is totally clueless about what Don wants. Don doesn't do birthdays let alone surprise parties. She totally doesn't get who Don is or what he wants, well except for the sex. She knows he wants that and that's about it.

Joanie! I was so glad to see her. But poor Joanie just isn't herself when she's out of the office. She's on maternity leave after having little Kevin and she really can't stand it. I'm glad she made her appearance back at SCDP and got to show off her baby to the real baby daddy. Roger and Joan have to get together. Jane Sterling is just so dumb I can't take it.

Ok, how awesomely awkward was Peggy with Joan's baby? And then Pete walked in and Peggy has him take the baby away? Classic. This could be you Peggy and Pete... but then Peggy was just fat right?

Poor clueless Mr. Pryce. After that beating last season, he got back with his wife and somehow is now broke. He needs to get Joan back in the office soon, or the books will be a total mess. Besides he's too busy lusting after Dolores from that guy's wallet.

And SCDP will now be an equal opportunity employer thanks to a prank with Y&R gone wrong. Can't wait to see how they're gonna handle that.

The funny stuff...
Don calling Betty and Henry "Morticia and Lurch."
Someone asking if Pete is balding (cause he so is!).
Harry making fun of Megan.

I really liked this episode. And I was a little scared I would be disappointed with all the hype around the return, but I really liked it. I can't wait to see how this all goes down this season.

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  1. Yes awesome return. Don is going through a mid-life crisis. Did I miss it? We didn't really see the former Mrs. Draper. And I'm not sure if I like the new Mrs. Draper yet. As for Peggy, of course she'd doing all the work.. Isn't that what women do? We're still trying to prove ourselves today!
    If you ask me Joan is the power house. Can't wait for her to go back to work. And Sterling's a hot alcoholic mess, even if he's baby daddy, I would just prove his paternity and take the money, leave the hot mess. Anyway,can't wait for next week!