Mar 29, 2012

Cake decorating class: Week 4

Tonight was the final night of my cake decorating class. I brought in my frosted cake (it was yellow cake with chocolate frosting filling). I loved the colors we used tonight.

We started straight away with the roses. At first the frosting Mom and I had was too stiff, so we thinned it out with some water. Then we were able to make these cabbage looking roses. The yellow ones were the first ones I made, so they look a little weak, but the pink ones were improving.

After we made all the roses, we transferred them to our cakes. Moving the roses from parchment paper to the cake was surprisingly easy.

Look how pretty all the colors look together. I'm not usually a pink fan, but I really liked the colors on this cake, pink and all.

Then we added some white lines and dots to the cake... and my favorite, the leaves.

 Here I am working on the final piece, the border. This came out so much prettier than I thought it would.

And going around the whole bottom of the cake was pretty quick too. Gotta love that flower tip.

Here is the finished product! Though my roses don't look like they did in the book (which I kinda knew would be the case) I kinda got the hang of the roses.

I will definitely try my hand at roses again, I'm sure that with some practice they'll come out great. I know that practice makes perfect when it comes to most things, especially crafts.

Mom signed up for the next cake course (I just don't have time), so hopefully I'll get to show off some of her creations here in the next few weeks.

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