Mar 30, 2012

Friday faves 7

Only one more sleep til Odd Duck! I'll share all about the show a little later, but first, I have to share my Friday faves.

picture from Bloom
I love peeps come Easter-time and this bucket of bunnies is such a cute way to gift them!

picture from leafy treetop spot
I love this skirt. It's so classic and pretty. I'd love to make it in black and cream. So chic.

picture from

I'm gonna have to start using these free printable labels for my packages. I just love the retro look.

picture from The Swell Life
Here's some great info on how to make your craft project go viral. With all the pinning lately, seems that everyone loves to see awesome projects online.

picture from The Secret Stitch Club
There seems to be a subway poster for just about anything you can think of now, and this sewing one is just too cute.

picture from love, luck, kisses & cake
Spring cleaning sucks, but all these pretty things rounded up at love, luck, kisses and cake will make it more bareable, and fashionable too.

picture from Sew 4 Home
All the cool metal trims you see now on accessories and clothes is a lot easier to make than you think. This post will give you some great tips on how to deal with the metal trims.

picture from Dirty Laundry
I'd love to make some jewelry and this bracelet is so cool. Check out this post from Dirty Laundry to learn how to make this bracelet and a few others. 

picture from Life, Etc.
Can you believe I don't own a pair of chucks? I make just have to get a pair to try all these cool shoe lace  ideas.

picture from Lilly's Style
I recently found this style blog, Lilly's Style, via Pinterest and I'm really loving it. I may just have to copy this outfit.

picture from Nerd Quirks
And finally, I love the nerdquirks tumblr page. I'm a total nerd and so many of those things apply to me!

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