May 21, 2012

My weekend: nostalgia, cupcakes and hunger games

This weekend was so busy it seemed like it was over just as fast as it began.

Saturday morning Mom and I took grandma to the Cuba Nostalgia event at Tamiami Park.We had fun looking around at all the stuff and Mom and Abuela even took at picture in front of "el Malecón".

It was the 400th anniversary of La Virgen de la Caridad, so they had a special display on her. They also had old, old books, adorable dolls and the usual stuff. I loved the vintage fridge at the Sedano's booth, and Abuela enjoyed her free cafecito too.

That night I went over to Jenni's house to celebrate her birthday. We brought all the fixings to celebrate with blue margaritas. Jenni made a delicious dinner, chicken with prosciutto, mozarella, peppers and mushrooms, mushroom risotto and asparagus.
we forgot to take pics before we ate, so this is a leftover kids plate!
And it wouldn't be a birthday without cake! Jenni made red velvet cupcakes with tiffany blue cream cheese frosting and vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla bean and cherry frosting. I loved the cherry vanilla frosting. It was too good.
the cupcakes were so good a gluten free
Then Sunday after a morning bike ride, I was off to finally see the Hunger Games movie. I was so excited to finally see Katniss up there on the big screen. I really loved all the casting for all of the characters and can't wait to see the next movies. I've just started reading Mockingjay, so don't give anything away.

I can't wait til this week is over and it's the long Memorial Day weekend. My niece and nephew will be down from Orlando visiting, so it's gonna be fun. Plus having Monday off, who doesn't love that?!


  1. Not mozzarella i used fontinella cheese its a little tangy, and the wine in the chicken :) Thankyou for coming for an evening of good food and better company!!

    1. It was sooo yummy. And I had a great time celebrating with you :)