May 24, 2012


wearing my new necklace today
Obsessing over:  Reading! I'm all about devouring books on my Kindle. I'm finishing up Mockingjay right now. I can't wait to get home and read more. Anyone have book recommendations? I need more books for my queue.
Working on:  A bunch of birthday celebrations. June  is full of birthdays for me and ends with the most important one of all, mine! I have at least one birthday every weekend in June (and most of the time two). I can't wait ti celebrate with all of my friends.

Thinking about: Cutting my hair. It's gotten just too long and unruly. I need to shorten it a bit and tame it down for the summer. I have a Couptessa coupon to use, so I might go next weekend.

Anticipating:  My Paris trip! It's been so hectic here at work lately that I just can't wait for it to be August and me to be on my way. I may go shopping for my Paris walking shoes this weekend. Any suggestions for cute but comfy shoes?
Listening to:  Jason Aldean on Pandora. I love his new song "Fly Over States."

Drinking:  Water.

Wishing: The weekend was here already! Besides being a long weekend on of my best friends, Kris is coming down to Miami with my niece and nephew and her hubby Eddie. I can't wait to have them come over and I know my nephew is ready to get in the pool!


  1. I wore the same three shoes all over Italy: my converse, my saucony sneakers and those black chinese shoes/ fabric mary janes. i think back now and I wonder how the hell I was comfortable/was able to walk around in those chinese shoes, as they have NO sole, but they didn't bother me at all! I would say comfortable sneakers like converse and comfortable but pretty sandals, that can double for wearing at night to dinner with a cute dress. Since I went in the winter, I had to wear closed shoes at all times and I didn't have the 'cute sandals option.'

  2. P.S.