May 25, 2012

Friday faves 15

Finally the long weekend is almost here! After the crazy week I've had at work this long weekend can't come at a better time.

picture from Crafty Gemini
I love the look of these boxy pouches, but I've never made one. Check out Gemini's video tutorial on how to make one for yourself.

picture from With a Grateful Prayer and a Thoughtful Heart
These Jello parfaits remind me of being a kid. I totally remember making these as a little girl. I remember the recipe being from a cookbook that I checked out from the library.

picture from Sublime Stitching
I always love the stuff from Sublime Stitching. And this free pattern they sent out last weekend for an impromptu sew-along is so adorable. It would be perfect to hang up with a snarky saying stitched in the middle.

picture from See My Footprints
A bunch of my friends and I have been on a nutrition and fitness kick late and they've been asking what to do about the birthday cake that's coming up? This amazing fruit cake may have to make an appearance at one of the many birthday celebrations coming up in June.

via OpenSky
This record player is so cute. My brother and I had one similar to this when we were little, it blue and closed up to look like a suitcase. 

picture from Diamonds for Dessert
If you don't watch Parks & Recreation you don't know what you're missing. This show is hilarious and all of characters are so awesome. These Parks & Recreation cookies would have been perfect to watch the finale. But you can bake some up and hit up Hulu for a few episodes too.

picture from Top Shop
Since it's the unofficial start of the summer, I've been looking at some summery stuff this week. I want to get a new bikini and this one is just so cute. I'm hoping my workouts will let me get into one this one.

picture from With Style & Grace
I've gotta celebrate this weekend with these Riesling Strawberry Slushies. These will be great to sip by the pool, I'm planning to make some for this weekend.

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!

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