May 29, 2012

My weekend: shopping, wine and friends

This was a much needed long weekend. And I had a great time doing some shopping, hanging out with some friends and I even got fancy in the kitchen.

Friday, after I got out a bit early from work, I met up with Meli and we hit Nordstrom's to try and find some shoes. I finally settled on a pair of Tom's, but the elusive search is not over yet. We went back to her house to chill and eat some yummy organic pizza from a new place she found. Before I left her Mom gave me this rose from their backyard. It was so pretty and opened up so big!

Saturday, I did some more shopping, I needed to get some new sneakers. So while I was at the mall with Mom, we hit up the Foot Locker. Now that I've used the shoes I'm so happy I got them, they make such a difference, and they're cute too. After my shopping, I went over to Jenni's to help her with a situation that came up out of nowhere.

There's nothing better than starting off a Sunday knowing you don't have to go to work the next day. I guess I got inspired, cause I made the Riesling Strawberry Slushies I posted in my Friday faves, and I also made some cupcakes. I filled the cupcakes with the delicious Strawberry Vanilla jam that Jenni gave us as favors for her birthday dinner.

I made slushies and cupcakes (and some turkey burgers too) cause my favorite people were coming over to hang out. My friends Kris & Eddie were down visiting and brought their little ones over to enjoy the pool. They had an awesome time and we were able to get in the pool before the thunderstorm came by. I love having them over! I can never get enough of that cute face!

Today, I've pretty much just chilled. I went to my workout class in the morning and have spent the rest of the day catching up on Mockingjay, which I finally finished and I also finally saw 50/50, which was really good.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

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