Jun 1, 2012

Friday faves 16

This short week was perfect. It's too bad that next week will seem so long in comparison. Well at least we have the weekend to help ease back into the work week. And it's the first day of June! This also means the start of hurricane season... so fun.
picture from Art Bead Scene
These knotted beaded bracelets are all the rage now, and this tutorial on how to make them yourself. I can't wait to try out all the different combinations of beads and strings.

picture from Come Together Kids
I've been eating a lot healthier lately, and this recipe for banana ice cream looks like something so yummy to try. I think I'll have to try this recipe out this weekend.

picture from We See Rainbows
How awesome is this hair bow? And the tutorial to make it looks super easy to do. I'll have to try this before I cut my hair.

picture from you & mie
This little girl's circle skirt is so easy to make and it's reversible too. It's like getting two skirts for the work of one.

via Pugly Pixel
I found this awesome tutorial on how to recreate the SNL promo pics they use as bumpers for the show. It would be great to create one to use as an invite.

picture from The Ribbon Retreat
I saw this rose ring and immediately wanted to make it. Who would have guessed it was made from ric rak?

picture from A Beautiful Mess
The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess do so much that I've often wondered how they really do it. This week they shared some time management skills, it's so useful for everyone.

picture from Wardrobe Oxygen
As my Paris trip inches nearer, I'm really thinking about what to pack, but trying to avoid overpacking too. This week Alison put together this list of what to pack for vacation and it's exactly what I needed.

picture from Simple As That
Finally, this travel notebook is so cute. I'm gonna have to make one for my trip, so I can remember all the little things I do and see on my vacation.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to celebrate Pop's birthday tonight. He's the first of my many June birthdays. Happy Birthday Pop!! I'll have some birthday pics to post this weekend.


  1. Even though I'm not traveling anywhere any time in the near or far future...I love "must have" clothing for traveling. It looks perfect!

  2. That travel notebook- esp for your trip is a MUST! Marissa gifted me with a pretty leather journal for my Italy trip, to write down all my memories and everything we did.

    LOVING that boat-neck striped shirt too!! I love boat-necks AND stripes ;)