Jun 25, 2012

My weekend: rain, oblivion and great friends

I had a great weekend. I took a mini-getaway this weekend to visit my friend Kristina and her family. Kris's birthday was last weekend, and mine is next weekend, so we decided to celebrate a little together.

I drove up on Friday. The weather was nasty and it was raining the whole way. But I made it okay and got up in time for dinner. Then we just played with the kids and chilled. The next day, after Kris and I went shopping, we took advantage of the lack of rain and went into the pool. It was cold, so the girls chilled poolside and the boys actually went swimming. Xander even showed off his jumps!

Later that night, Eddie stayed with the kiddos and Kris and I went for a girls night out. Our friend Annie joined us too. We went to Oblivion Taproom to grab some beers and burgers. And I have to say both were delicious. Unfortunately, I realized after we got home and were in our jammies, that we didn't take any pics of ourselves... but I can tell you we all looked fabulous and had an awesome time.
strawberry wheat beer / sambouca spiked spinach artichoke dip
peach hard cider (my fave!) / pretzel burger with chive & onion tater tots

Sunday was yet another rainy day. It was raining since the moment we got up until it was time to go. This kinda put a hold on our poolside celebration (which we had cute decorations for), but we did make some cupcakes. We made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Unfortunately, the frosting that we got said it would frost 24 cupcakes, but I guess I got too fancy making the cupcakes pretty and we only had enough frosting for 13 of them. They were still cupcakes though, so we made due and they tasted great anyway, which is what really matters.

After lunch and cupcakes, it was time for me to head home. The rain didn't look like it was gonna let up any and I didn't want to leave so late that I'd be driving in the rain and in the dark. Thankfully, it only rained the first hour and a half of my drive and the rest was cloudy, but luckily mostly rain free.

I had a great early mini-birthday celebration with Kris, Eddie, Xander and Veronica. I love going up to visit them and getting to hang out and catch up them. I have a great time with them no matter what we do. I hope you guys had as great a time as I did... and Happy Birthday Kris!

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