Jun 22, 2012

Friday faves 19

Another week is over, and soon I'll be off to a little getaway to Orlando this weekend. So in the meantime, here are this weeks faves.

picture from Shutterbean
I think I'm a little obsessed with making frozen booze filled goodies. But I think everyone else is too, cause these Boozy Frozen Peach Pops from Shutterbean sound beyond yummy.

picture from All Wrapped Up
This little wet bag is perfect for the summer. it would be great to keep in your tote to carry home your wet swim suit.

picture from Jones Design Company
Calligraphy is so pretty, but seriously, who actually has calligraphy pens and the patience to do it? Check out this fake calligraphy tutorial to make any writing look like calligraphy.

picture from Nap Time Crafters
I love the look of fabric storage bins, but I've always wanted to have them customized to fit my space and decor. This tutorial will help you do just that, plus these bins are collapsible.

picture from dandee
This start of summer picnic lunch is just too cute. I love that it's packed up in an individual basket, I would love to make one of these for my lunch.

picture from Teresa Down Under
I'm totally love this French cuisine embroidery pattern. I may just have to make one of these for myself soon, to get into the French mood.

via Pinterest
This quote I found on Pinterest is just totally me.

picture from Miami Herald
In case you didn't hear... the Miami Heat are the NBA's 2012 Champs! Last night was just the start of the celebrations here in Miami. This town is awesome when it's celebrating (bring out your pots and pans!). I can't wait for the parade on Monday. The Heat is definitely white hot!!

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