Jun 19, 2012

Time to make the cupcakes

Another co-workers birthday means more baking for me. We celebrated Karina's birthday on Saturday at the beach, but hadn't done the office celebration and cake yet, so that was what we did on Monday.

Karina loves cupcakes and since her cake on Saturday was vanilla rum cake, I knew I had to make her other favorite, red velvet. Now, I didn't venture into making cake from scratch as I had originally planned, but the red velvet cake mix worked just as well.

What I did make from scratch, was the cream cheese frosting. Now I'm not normally a fan of cream cheese frosting (I don't believe cream cheese has a place in my desserts), but this one was pretty good. I mean how can you go wrong with cream cheese, butter and sugar? It was super easy to make, which was a huge bonus for me. I have to say that I'm a full convert to making my own frostings from now on. They are yummier, plus I can have more control of the consistency, so I can make the frosting super pretty and piped.

I used the foil liners for these cupcakes and also got some silver sprinkle to give it a little more bling. One of Karina's nicknames here is "Fifi," since she loves the finer things in life, so I thought these sparkly red velvets were fitting.

Best of all everyone loved the cupcakes and really raved about the cream cheese frosting. Next week on the menu is a chocolate cake, and I just may make this one from scratch... I think I have a recipe in mind already.

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