Jul 11, 2012

Got my hair did

Last Saturday, I finally went to get my hair cut. It was entirely too long and was making me insane. I bought a Couptessa deal over a month ago, but kept forgetting to make my appointment. I always look for good Couptessa or Groupon deals to get my hair cut, since most people look at my hair here and want to charge me over $70 just to cut and dry it (and I'm talking about places like the Hair Cuttery!)

 I finally remembered, made my appointment and headed out to Safar on Miami Beach. I never need anything fancy done, and I'm liking my hair longer these days, but it was just beyond too long. Especially for Miami in the summertime. So I got about 4 inches chopped off and got it all re-layered and textured. I felt so much lighter. I loved it.

Who doesn't love their hair after a good blowout? But I never fully know how my hair cut is until I wash my hair. So I finally washed my hair and let it dry. And I'm happy to say I love the curly look! My hair feels like it has new life now and the curls are so much bouncier.

I feel so great after my hair cut. It wasn't anything too crazy and drastic, but I needed a something a but lighter for the summer. So what do you think?

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