Jul 8, 2012

Family birthday celebration

Saturday I finally went to the restaurant I'd wanted to go to for my birthday with my parents. We went to Latin House Burger and Taco Bar, it's a new place literally down the block from my house. My brother, Angel, has been a fan of Latin House since they had their food truck. And Angel's recommendations for burgers are always spot on. So we went to finally check the place out.

There had been some electrical problems in the building earlier in the week, so they were running on backup generators. The power was iffy and even went out for like 15 minutes, so it was a littler warm inside. But the power finally came back on and thankfully the food made up for it.

We got some nachos to start and they were really good. But after we got them I was so glad that Grandma didn't come with us. They were covered with an avocado lime sauce and Grandma is severely allergic to avocados. Mom got a grilled chimi burrito and Pop and I both got burgers. The burgers were so delicious. I don't know if it's the fact that I haven't had a burger in months or that it was just really good, but the meat was delicious. The fries were thin, and left a bit to be desired, but the burger yumminess more than made up for it.
sneaky nachos with ribeye / madlove burger
grilled chimiburrito / american & swiss international muffin tops

After gorging on burgers and nachos we were all super stuffed. Angel had also recommended their dessert, "Balls to the Wall," but we were just too full for it. We did go next door to the Sweetness to grab a few shots and cupcakes to take home for later.

I'm totally happy that I waited until I felt better to go to this place. I got to really enjoy the food. The only drawback was the whole power situation and the slack service (which I'm not sure if it was also due to the power or we just got a slow, inexperienced waiter). 

It was a really yummy way to celebrate. I'd totally be willing to give the place a try again though, preferably when the power is fully on.


  1. I havent been over to Latin House yet but the 3 or 4 ppl that I know that have been there all same the same thing you did- THE SERVICE SUCKS!!

    1. It really sucks, cause the food was good, but the waiter was terrible.