Jul 6, 2012

Friday faves

Another week entirely too full of hectic at the office for me. But at least we had a mid-week holiday (which I still think should've been made into a long weekend!). So check out some faves for this week.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
Everyone has been on the chocolate/bacon bandwagon for a while now, but leave it to the Beautiful Mess girls to take the salty sweet combo to a whole new place with these Potato Chip Brownies.

picture from no big dill
Something we should all know how to do to take care of our machines, cleaning and oiling. Not the most glamorous thing to learn about, but totally necessary to keep your machine working as hard as you do.

picture from Fave Crafts
These little strawberry baskets are just too cute for words. They would be perfect for a kids party (or a party for me!).

via Amazon
This is another great sewing book I stumbled across this week, and I think I really need this one. I mean how cool is it to be able to recreate famous Hollywood dresses?

picture from Cara Loren
I love this pattern mixing! Now I'm totally on the hunt for some stripes so I can mix them up with all the polka dots I have.

via Real Simple
Theses packing tips are gonna come in super handy packing for my trip. I have less than two months, so I gotta see how much I can cram in my suitcase soon.

picture from aesthetic outburst
How awesome is this rug? It's made out of rope. It would be perfect to have by the door leading to the pool. I think I see a trip to Home Depot in my future.

Quitting time can't come soon enough. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, then finally celebrating my birthday with the family at a new local restaurant. I can't wait!

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