Jul 4, 2012

My birthday celebration

I finally celebrated my birthday on Tuesday. With some of my work friends, we headed over to Strike, a bowling alley, to have some drinks and bowl a few games. We actually left work at a decent hour and and some other friends met up with us over there too.

The four musketeers were down one, cause Karina wasn't feeling well, but we sent her pics throughout the night, so it was like she was there with us.

I haven't bowled in years, but it was so much fun. Unfortunately, I didn't win any games, Yoanna swept all of them!

My bff Melissa even stopped by for a bit after her class. It was great to have (almost) all of my girls there to help me celebrate.

After all of the craziness at the office this week I really needed this stress reliever. And I was so happy to finally be celebrating my birthday, albeit a little late.

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