Aug 14, 2012


Loving: My new purse. I just got the Posey 2 purse from Kelly Moore bags and I'm really loving it. It holds my DSLR and my normal purse things too. It's also not super huge and even with the camera inside of it, it doesn't weigh much more than my normal purse.

Reading: I'm actually looking for something to read. I want a good book to read on my trip, so I'm open to any suggestions.

Watching: The Newsroom. I've talked about it before, I'm so into this show. I watched this week's episode last night on OnDemand. There are only a few episodes left, I think I might go through withdrawals when the season finishes.

Thinking about: Some cute sewing projects I want to make. Choosing the fabric is always the hardest decision for me, so I just need to get over it and pick one already.

Anticipating: My lunch date with Meli on tomorrow. I haven't seen her in person in what feels like forever, so I'm taking advantage and using some time off I had to go for lunch and some shopping. We gotta catch up on all of our gossip before I leave on my trip.

That it was time for my vacation already!

Making me happy:  Long conversations with Melissa, small chats with Kris, coffee therapy sessions with the girls at work, shopping for my trip, watching weird TV with Abuela.

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