Aug 10, 2012

Friday faves

Another week is coming to a close and I'm another week closer to my trip. I can't believe it. I hope to sew up some stuff for my trip this weeekend and I have tons of ideas, I just have to narrow it down. In the mean time here are more ideas to get you inspired.

picture from Rust & Sunshine
I love paper flowers, and even more since Abuela showed me how to make the crepe paper kind. These are made from tissue paper and are so pretty.

picture from Epicurious
 I need a cupcake carrier to be able to transport the goodies I bake, and this one, that is shaped like a cupcake is cute and convenient.

picture from Kimberly Michelle
This candle may look designer, but all you need is some tissue paper and you can make your own custom candle.

via Fab
This fish shaped iPhone charger holder is so cute and so useful. You can charge your phone and rest the phone on the back fins as is charges.

picture from Becky Charms
I love lemon desserts. I've been wanting to make one for a while now, and I think I found a new recipe to try with these Lemon Brownies!

picture from A Spoonful of Sugar
I need a new luggage tag, since my last one consisted of my business card zig-zagged in between some vinyl. This felt luggage tag looks like the perfect addition to my luggage.

picture from iCandy handmade
I love my cardis. Autie loved hers so much that she copied her favorite one and made tons of them. Check out the pattern for her favorite cardi and make one of your own.

picture from How Joyful
This ticket pillow is so cute. It's decorating a circus themed nursery here, but how great would it be in your TV or movie room?

via Tumblr
I love this sewing themed tattoo that my friend Kerry sent me. The sewing machine and the dressform are so awesome.

picture from A Cuppa Tea with Me
And finally, I saw this awesome cross-stitch design and totally love it. It's so true!

I have a quilting crafter-noon tomorrow and I can't wait to make my mug rug and learn some tips from Jenni.

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  1. home is where the bra comes off!! hahah that is so awesome- because it's SO TRUE!