Aug 7, 2012

Travel tips: Packing

Here is this week's installment of travel tips. The time for my trip is drawing nearer, so this time I'm gonna concentrate on packing.

You can try and pack everything and the kitchen sink, but be realistic, only pack what you really need. With the new baggage regulations and fees on most airlines, it's in your best interest to pack less. And if you can manage to get away with only a carry-on, you may even avoid all baggage fees. Luckily, since I'm flying overseas, I get one free checked bag, but check with your airline to see what their fees and regulations are.

Clothes: Be selective with what clothes you pack and only pack what you're gonna actually use. There's no need for an evening gown (that is unless you have an event where you really need one), so leave all the extras at home. I'm going to really see Paris, so no heels for me, I just wouldn't use them. But that doesn't mean I won't be fashionable. I'm packing lots of cardis and scarves that will really change up any outfit and get me more bang for my buck with what I bring. And jeans can be the basis for more than one outfit. Don't be afraid to repeat items of clothing, your accessories can really give you a whole new look. And did you notice the two bags above? They are both holding the same amount of clothes. The one on the left has the clothes rolled and the one on the right has it all folded. Rolling is the way to go to maximize space in your suitcase and make sure you can get everything you need to fit in your bag.

picture from The Container Store

Toiletries: The TSA regulations allow each passenger to carry on liquids in containers of 3 ounces or less, in a 1 quart zip top bag, 1 per passenger. There are tons of trial size toiletries that are now TSA-sized for your convenience. You can also buy small containers and fill them with your products too. I have to take 2 regular sized things with me (saline solution for my contacts--I need a specific brand and it doesn't come in travel size) and my mousse, which I'm just picky about. But everything else will be in my zip top bag in my carry-on.

travel makeup essentials

Makeup: You want to look good while you're traveling, so you want to take your makeup with you. But this isn't the time to lug every bit you own with you. Just take the essentials, the things you use everyday. This is what I'll be taking with me: mineral foundation, shadow palette, eye primer, mascara, eyeliner, blush and lipstick. I'll also be taking a few brushes (cause those travel brushes always suck), and I might add a red lipstick for the evenings. And remember any liquids have to be in that quart bag with the rest of your liquids.

Medicines/First Aid:  Unless you are really going to the middle of nowhere, you'll probably be able to find basic first aid stuff when you get there. But I think it's better to have some of the basics with you, so you can grab and use them if the need arises. I read that things like neosporin might not be over the counter in all places, so I'm taking some of that along with some band-aids and blister band-aids too. I'm also taking some basic over the counter medications, Tylenol, Excedrin Migraine (which I always have on me) and some Pepto in case of "tummy troubles." Having these handy will let you enjoy more of your vacation and not have to try to find a pharmacy to get something to help with little ailments. Plus it'll be handy for the plane trip too.

tech to travel with

Technology: I don't think you need to bring every gadget you own on vacation unless you plan on really working while you're there. I'm gonna be bringing my iPhone, my iPod, my Kindle and my camera. The MacBook will stay at home (and I'll update the blog once I'm back). Bringing all these devices means you'll also have to bring the chargers for each, so being selective will save you from having to lug around all that extra stuff. And pack all of your chargers in your carry-on, so if your luggage is lost, you won't be without power for your devices.

And lastly, and I think most importantly, make a list. Start making a list of what you plan on taking, so when it comes time to pack you won't leave anything behind. Put even the smallest things on that list and cross them off as you pack them. And that way you'll be sure you have it all with you.

Is there anything you always pack when you go on vacation? What are your must haves? Do you have any packing tricks and tips?


  1. and hit up your favorite jenni she will load you up with antything salve you can use that in place of neosporin and also is helpful in case of bug bites :) solid shampoo and soap are my go to travel items no tsa rules to deal with frees up space for something else in that quart bag.

    1. You know I will be at your house this weekend... so I will have to stock up. Is that salve the one that's good for achey muscles too, cause I need some of that one.