Sep 24, 2012

Emmys 2012: The fashion post

I realized after the Oscars this year that I had never done an Emmys fashion post.  I don't know why, cause I love TV and watch every year. So here is my first, of what I hope is many Emmy fashion posts.

Apparently it was a super hot day in LA today, cause everyone seemed to mention the heat on the carpet. Even with the heat, there was still tons of glamour.
(Click on any of the pics to see them larger).

First, let's check out some of the trends I saw on the carpet:

There were a few color standouts on the carpet. And the one that you saw on almost anyone was dark red and/or burgundy. This shade is classic and in the right tone can look good on almost anyone.

 Kat Dennings in J. Mendel
Ok, so when Kat went and spoke to Guiliana Rancic on the red carpet, she apoligized for her boobs. It wouldn't be that hard to have your dress altered to make you feel comfortable about them, just saying.

 Mayim Bialik in Pamela Roland
Blossom was a style icon back in the day (I admit I rocked a "Blossom hat"), but even after a "What Not to Wear" intervention Mayim still doesn't know how to dress herself. This dress is way to matronly on her. I think she leaned towards sleeves to cover the brace she's wearing from her car accident a few weeks ago, but a different sleeve and bodice could have made her look her age.
 Jenna Malone in J. Mendel
Jenna's bangs still make her look like a kid to me and the dress was interesting, but just not suited for her body. I would like to thank Angelina Jolie for starting the leg slit trend, cause we get to see Jenna's totally awesome stilettos.

Tina Fey in Vivenne Westwood
I'm so glad Tina Fey's finally gotten the hang of the whole red carpet thing. She finally figured out what flatters her, and this time she even steered away from black. Way to go Tina.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang
I really liked this dress on Julia. The, what I'm calling, structured draping of the sheer fabric on the dress is so pretty and gives it interest without being too much.

Another trend that I spotted on the carper wasn't for the faint of heart, it was yellow. Yellow is a very tricky color, but the ladies that took it out on the carpet did it right.

Julianne Moore
I have a bit of a bias on this one, Julianne Moore is one of my absolute faves. She can barely ever do wrong in my eyes. And as a fellow redhead, I know yellow can be a bit tricky, but this one just looks great on her.

 Claire Danes in Lanvin
As soon as I saw Claire hit the carpet, I knew this was Lanvin. And go figure, she didn't have to alter the dress at all. Not my favorite way to do maternity on the carpet, but she looked great in this color.

Julie Bowen in Monique Lhullier
Julie Bowen's shade of yellow was more of a neon, but it worked great on her. I love the ruching and gathers on the bottom of the dress. I just would have done something a little neater with the hair.

And something really refreshing on the carpet was all of the prints.

 Ariel Winter
The young girls from Modern Family seem to always get it right.

 Elizabeth Moss
I know that all of the Mad Men ladies have to buck their 60s style and personas, but as much as this hurts me to say this, Elizabeth Moss did it all wrong. This dress is just too much, the print, the high-low hem, the ruffles along the bustline. And I think her new platinum blonde washes her out too much.
Juliana Margulies in Cavalli Couture
Juliana looked stunning in her printed Cavalli. The simplicity of the dress (and her use of minimal jewels) really let the fabric of the dress speak for itself. And the colors of the print totally worked for her.

I mentioned one of my Mad Men ladies, and I can't leave out the rest, cause I just love them so much.

 Jessica ParĂ©
As the new Mrs. Don Draper, Jessica is one of the newer Mad Men ladies, but I totally loved her red carpet style. She didn't shy away from some retro style (albeit 40s, not 60s) hair and makeup and her simple one shoulder dress was classic and elegant.

 Kiernan Shipka
We all know that Sally Drapper is the HBIC on Mad Men, and she has yet to disappoint on the red carpet. Her dress is adorable (gotta love the tea length) and her accessories, from heels to bag are perfect too. This is they way a 12 year old should dress on the carpet.
Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano
On the show, I love Joanie most of all. But in real life, Christina Hendricks still doesn't know how to dress her awesome figure on the carpet. I feel like the girls are always being pushed up within an inch of their lives. I think a modified wiggle dress with a high neck would be awesome on her, feel free to use my suggestion Christina!

And at last the juicy stuff, the best and worst dressed. First the best dressed men:
Peter Dinklage
He put the imp in pimp. And let's be serious, he just rocks. The suit looks great, but a tad more care to the hair would have helped. I'll forgive it this time.

Steve Buscemi

You gotta love Steve Buscemi. And he looked great with his long tie and fitted tux (just ignore his date).
Bryan Cranston
I will forever think of Bryan Cranston as the dad from Malcolm in the Middle, but man he cleans up really good. He looks great and did his slim lapeled tux right.

John Hamm
Don Draper had to make the list. I love me some John Hamm and John Hamm in a tux, even better.

 Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy is hilarious and cute too. I'm glad he wore his classic tux right, there is no need to look funny in order to be funny.

And now the best dressed women:

Jane Levy
This bright blue looks amazing on the Suburgatory star. For her first red carpet appearance, this is a home run.

Ginnfer Goodwin in Monique Lhullier
This dress was totally unique and didn't seem at all like it was Monique Lhullier.

January Jones in Zac Posen
I never, ever thought that January Jones would ever be on my best dressed list, but I think this time, seh finally got it right. Her offbeat style is shown off in the best way with this sheer Zac Posen gown. She looks modern and fashion forward without looking messy.

Leslie Mann in Naeem Khan
I love Leslie & Judd. They are always so adorable. And Leslie's gown was gorgeous. It still retained that last bit of summer with the lace top and tangerine skirt. Her choice of turquoise earrings and bracelet were the perfect pop to this gown.

Zooey Deschanel in Reem Acra
I love Zooey's style, and this gown was the perfect mix of retro and modern.

Now the real fun stuff, the worst. First, the worst dressed men:

Aziz Ansari
I think Aziz Ansari should've treated himself to a better fitting jacket. And a ties that he could really tie.

 Johnny Galecki
Blue velvet in the sorching heat is just not a good combination.

 Zachary Quinto
I don't know if it's just the pic, but what happened to Zachary Quinto's face? Regardless, he needs to do something to those eyebrows. and a grey tux? I don't think so.
Aaron Paul
I understand you're hip and young, but a brown tux?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
I think he is hilarious on Modern Family, but his questionable tux choices always seem to land him on my worst dressed list

And now the worst dressed women:

Glenn Close
This is someone who, though a phenomenal actress, can never seemt to get it right on the carpet. She looks like she stole this dress from the witch on Once Upon a time
Zosia Mamet
This star of girls is super preppy on the show, so I'm sure she wanted to shad that persona on her first big carpet. But this is not the way to do it. The dress is just too much and she's another one that needs to do her brows. Maybe her and Zachary Quinto can get a 2 for 1 deal.

Lena Dunham
Girls is one of my favorite new shows, and I love that this girl puts the whole thing together. But triple nominee Lena Dunham really needs to get a good stylist and some spanx. She looks matronly and shapeless.

Lena Heady
Is there a goth wedding going on this year at the Emmys? The dress would have been better without the sheer overlay. There is just too much going on.

Krisin Wiig
This one pains me, cause I love a funny lady, but Kristin Wiig never seems to get it right. She needs something with more color and floor length. She looks like she's going to a beach party in this cream halter.

That's it for the Emmys fashion. Who were your best and worst?

pictures via People and TV Guide


  1. I defintely agree with ALL of your "worsts" - except that for me, I would totally add January Jones to the worsts. I hated her dress, her makeup and hair. ALL WRONG!!

    I can't believe Kat Denning and her dress. I love her excuse for it, was her boobs are so big... big boobs or not, YOU CAN DRESS BETTER!!

    Speaking of big boobs, I kinda liked Christina Hendricks' dress...I liked the belt.

    I loooove Leslie Mann's dress- a dress with pockets is always a good thing!

    LOVED Tina Fey's dress. LOVED Julie Bowen's dress.

    Did you see Anna Chlumsky's dress? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    1. I saw Ana Chlumsky. Very pretty, she looks all grown up.

      And I did love the belt on Christina Hendricks, I'm actually looking for the stuff to make myself a belt like that.

  2. LOved reading this! I agree with most of your stuff :) I actually loved Aaron's brown tux! I had brown tuxes at my wedding too :) hahaha

  3. When you take into account that Mayim Bialik's religious beliefs dictate that she dress modestly, I think her dress is beautiful and she looks stunning.