Oct 5, 2012

Friday faves

Happy October! It may still be really hot here in Miami, but October at least is really fall, especially with Halloween coming up. So here are a few cute things I've seen this week.

picture from Iowa Girl Eats
This fresh apple cake looks amazing and so perfect to get you into that fall spirit, even if it still feels like summer, like it does here.

via Moms by Heart
Check out all of these cute Halloween printables. What a great and easy way to start decorating for the season.

picture from Seven Alive
I may need to pick up a few flower cabochons to make this super cute bracelet, maybe in pretty fall colors.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
This time of year means treats like candy apples (which are totally better than caramel ones). You can make your own thanks to the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess.

picture from freutcake
I love trying out new nail colors and these fall favorites may be what I try this weekend. I love the deep colors.

picture from Craft Storming
October also has a couple of birthdays for me and these bunting cookies would be so cute to have at a any birthday party.

picture from Can You Stay for Dinner?
Like I actually need an excuse to go to Chipotle? Here are a few excuses to go, like you even needed them.

picture from beauty & the feast
Allie's post on thoughtfulness hit the nail on the head.

picture from Craft Quickies

And it's time to start planning that Halloween costume, so check out this list to get some idea and start making your costume.

I have to start on my Halloween costume this weekend, so I'll be hitting up the fabric store for supplies. The fabric store is always crazy this time of year, so wish me luck!

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