Oct 12, 2012

Ruffles everywhere

I've been kinda quiet over here, cause I've been busy making ruffles goodies for a very special little lady's first birthday party. (You'll get all of the details of the party later, but here's what I've been making.)

First, I made her an adorable ruffle diaper cover. Since I know she won't want to be in her tutu all day, her momma asked me to make a matching diaper cover. I love the glittery fabric and the delicate ruffles.

Making the ruffles was easy, but then getting the casings to work with me was a bit of a mission. These weren't lining up right, so I took them apart. I don't think many people know how many times I use the seam ripper when sewing. I like my work to look good, so I'll tear it apart until it looks good.

I finally got the leg casings to work and put in the elastic there and in the waistband. I can't wait to see her wearing this sparkly ruffly cover.

I also made a ruffle tablecloth for the party. I was inspired by a Pinterest party I pinned and chose bright colorful fabrics and a flat sheet as the base. Putting the ruffles on this was a mission, but it's looking good. I still have a row of ruffles left to go.

And I also made some bunting, cause what's a party without bunting, but you'll see that in the party pics. Now I'm off to finish packing and get driving up to Orlando to see my favorite 1 year old!

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  1. I bet that I know what gorgeous little 1 year old you are speaking of. ;) I cannot wait to see her in it!!