Oct 17, 2012

Bright ruffly 1st birthday

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity, but all worth it to celebrate my niece, Veronica's, first birthday!

Veronica's mom, Kris, is one of my best friends and we have planned tons of parties via the internet, and this one was no exception. We went with a bright and ruffles theme and just went from there. I think this is the first party that we've done with Pinterest in our lives, so there were tons of Pinterest ideas everywhere.

Here's the food table. Kris found some bedskirts at the thrift store and knew they would be perfect tablecloths. We kept the food simple, chicken and tuna salad sandwiches, pb&j for the kids, popcorn chicken, meatballs, chips, fruit and cupcakes, some M&Ms and lollipops.

First Kris dyed the lemons for the lemonade. They came out pretty good. Just a little food color and soak for a bit.

I brought my cake decorating supplies to make the ruffle cupcakes. I think they came out pretty good for being my first try. My wrist was aching after frosting about 40 cupcakes though.

Kris made this adorable lollipop tree. Xander couldn't wait til he was allowed to dig in and have a lollipop.

Kris and Eddie made these adorable clothespin people. They spelled out "Happy 1st Birthday Veronica,"so cute. I, of course, sewed up about 10 feet of this colorful bunting.
And I made the matching ruffle tablecloth. I was so happy that Kris loved the tablecloth. And it was so funny that without even consulting about the colors, we used the same ones. I'm telling you, sometimes we share a brain.

And before the party was over, the birthday girl put on her ruffle butt diaper cover. It's so much cuter to see it on her, don't you think? I think the chubby baby legs just make it so much more adorable.

And here's the happy family. (I told Eddie he needs to shrink to get them all in the frame!) I just love these guys. I can't wait til the next time we get together.

How did you like the bright ruffly birthday party?

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  1. Everything looks so cute!!! I love the theme and colors. Veronica looks EXACTLY like Eddie!!