Oct 19, 2012

Friday faves

At last the weekend is almost upon us. Thankfully, it looks like a chill weekend, but I do have to get my Halloween costume started.

picture from Shutterbean
I just love lemon poppyseed muffins. Does anyone even know where you can buy poppyseeds?

picture from girl. Inspired.
This ruffled tulle tablecloth is so pretty and girly. It would be great for a bridal shower or any girly event.

picture from A Beautiful Mess

I love all these chalkboard paint projects (and maybe one day I'll actually complete one), and these chalkboard mugs are a definite addition to my chalkboard paint projects list.

picture from Iowa Girl Eats
These mini BLT quinoa cups look so yummy. They'd be perfect for a potluck or cocktail party.

picture from A Spoonful of Sugar
This little seam allowance guide looks like a great little sewing gadget. I'm sure it'll make cutting a lot easier.

picture from Freutcake
Leah over at Freutcake visited this awesome coffeeshop in Chino Hills, CA. It looks like such a great place, and the brulee your coffee!

picture from A Beautiful Mess
Any food is better in mini form, and these mini corn dogs look even better than their bigger counterparts.

picture from make it and love it
If you need some costume inspiration, check out Ashley's amazing costumes for her kiddos this year. And click here to see what she's made for them before. These costumes are amazing!

via Tumblr
And this week, you just can't not laugh at the true idocy that is binders full od women.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope I can get my costume done!

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