Feb 21, 2013

Disney birthday fun!

My awesome nephew, Xander, turned 6 last week, and I had to go up to Orlando to see him and help celebrate. Along with his Mom and Dad (and sister, Veronica) we decided to take X to Disney for the day. X's Aunt Rachel and cousin Alice joined us for all of the fun too.

Since we were celebrating X's special day, we went to a character lunch at the Crystal Palace. X got to meet Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh!

Rachel and Kris had to get a picture with Eeyore too.

We had to get the obligatory mouse ear pictures of the kids. (And I was lucky enough to get all of them smiling!)

The day was great, but once the sun started to set it started to get chilly out, so we bundled up before walking around some more and checking out the new Fantasyland.

The new Fantasyland is so pretty at night all lit up. Xander is totally as strong as Gaston.

We stayed late to catch the Main Street Electrical Parade. Now I haven't seen the parade in years, and it was totally nostalgic and awesome watching it with X. He loved checking out who was coming on the next float.

I've gotta say it was an awesome day spending the time with Xander in Disney World for his birthday and spending time with Veronica and Alice too. Xander told me he had so much fun. We might have to go again soon, especially since we all got annual passes.


  1. How fun! I miss Disney :(

    And Veronica is the spitting image of her father! So cute!