Jun 21, 2013

Friday faves

Happy summer solstice. It's been a crazy week here in the office, but thankfully last night the heat made it all better with the repeat championship for the Miami Heat! Re-Heat!

Now, here are some of my favorites from this week:

picture from Hostess with the Mostess
This fairy party is just gorgeous. I think it would be the perfect girly party for my niece!

picture from Melly Sews
This cute summer dress looks like a great easy project for the weekend. Plus it uses tons of bias, which is totally my favorite.

picture from Fit Sugar
Nothing says summer like a frozen cocktail, but they have so many calories! Check out this Pina Colada smoothie for a healthier take on the tropical drink.

picture from Shutterbean
These honey lime chicken drumsticks would be a great addition to any summer barbecue.  It's making me hungry just looking at them.

picture from Crowley Party
I love my heart rate montior when I work out. I've always wanted to get a fancier one, and the Polar heart rate monitors seem to be great.

picture from Tailor and Stylist
I am totally in love with this purse.

picture from Sew Can Do
Strawberry Shortcake is my girl! I've loved her forever (I think it's the red hair), and I always loved the original, pinafore, big hat Shortcake. I love this tutorial to make your own Strawberry Shortcake hat. Berry cute!

picture from Peanut Butter Fingers
San Francisco is on my "I want to travel to..." list, and Julie's trip there makes me want to go even more.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets out there and enjoys the longest day of the year today.

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