Jun 10, 2013

Weekend at Hollywood Studios

This weekend I headed out to Disney's Hollywood Studios with Kris, Eddie and the kids. It was the last weekend of Star Wars weekends, so the place was pretty packed, but we still saw lots and had tons of fun.

Xander had to show me Star Tours. It was a pretty short line, but long enough for him to explain to me the rules of wearing your "flight goggles."

Then we got to see the Indiana Jones show, which Xander loved and we were off to meet some famous people, including Sorcerer Mickey. Now Veronica was all about Mickey while we were in line, but up close I think he freaked her out. After we left though she waved by to him. Go figure!

After lunch we had to kill some time before our fast pass time for Toy Story, so we took the backlot tour. Now, I'm super old school (it's been a real big hassle trying not to call Hollywood Studios MGM Studios!), so I really missed getting to see the Golden Girls house on the backlot. But then would anyone now even know the Golden Girls?

We finally headed down Sunset Boulevard to go to the "grown-up" rides. Kris and I wanted to do both the Tower of Terror and the Rock n' Roller Coaster, but the line for the Tower of Terror was shorter, so it won. Eddie took the kids to see the Muppet Show (thanks again Ed!), and we headed to the "Hollywood Tower Hotel." We walked over with margaritas in hand for a little courage and cooling off in the heat.

 Before we knew it we were boarding our elevator to the Twilight Zone.

And for some reason, we are the only two people screaming in the ride! It was so much fun.

After this we met back up with Eddie and the kids. We felt raindrops on our way, so figured it would be a good time to head back home.

It was a super hot, but awesomely fun day at Hollywood Studios. We didn't really do any of the special Star Wars stuff, but there were tons of fanboys and fangirls dressed to the hilt and tons of Star Wars characters around. I did happen to catch a glimpse of one of the special guests for the weekend, Billy Dee Williams.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Have you ever been to Hollywood Studios?

*Sorry for the low quality pics. My DLSR is in the shop, and all I have left is my iPhone. :( *

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  1. Love the picture from the ToT! That is awesome!