Jul 2, 2013

My birthday!

It was my birthday this past weekend and I took advantage and celebrated all weekend long.

Friday I went out with my friend, Melissa. We hadn't yet celebrated her birthday which was earlier in June, so we had a great time doing a double celebration and a catch up day. We went to the brow bar to get our brows done, then out for burgers. After that it was time for a mani. It was great just being able to chill and chat and spend time with one of my most amazing friends. And I almost forgot to mention the awesome gift Meli got me. She is a runner too, and got me this amazing Nike running tee. It's so me!

Saturday was my actual birthday, so in the morning Mom and I went to Old Navy for the $1 flip flop sale. I don't think it was a coincidence that the flip flop sale was on my birthday, Old Navy knows I'm a "chancletera!" (That's Spanish for flip flop wearer.) Later in the morning, I went to breakfast with Mom, Pop, Abuela, Richard, Casey, Michael and Hannah. We had a nice morning eating too much yummy breakfast food. I even got pancakes, it was my birthday after all. Nothing is as yummy as eggs, bacon and pancakes with strawberries.

Then I got a great birthday gift, Kristina came down from Orlando to help me celebrate! It was the best ever to have her down here with me. I think she's only come down to see me all by her lonesome once before, so it was awesome to have her here, especially for my birthday.

Saturday night the girls and I headed to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday. They showered me with way too many gifts and I had an awesome time just being there with all of them. We had originally planned to catch Man of Steel at the movies too, but got too caught up talking and enjoying the time together.

Please note the misspelling of my name on my birthday cake plate. Yes, they spelled Diana, D-A-Y-A-N-A, only in Miami!

Monday the celebration continued at work. My friends decorated my desk with a running theme. It was perfect for me and my quest to my half marathon. I had trophies and balloons and medals all over. It was too cute.

The afternoon concluded was with a great cake that was really a total surprise. It was so delicious.

I have to say that if the rest of the year is as good as my birthday weekend was, then this year is gonna be amazing!

Thanks again to everyone for all the gifts and time and most of all the love!


  1. Sounds like you had some great birthday festivities!!! You co-workers are very nice!! They decorated allot!!

    Mr. & Mrs. P

    1. They tend to go a bit overboard, but I gotta love them for that!