Jul 30, 2013

Picture taking

I spent the weekend in my role as picture taker. My friend Kristina asked me to take pictures of her 20th high school reunion for her. It was a weekend full of events, and I think I was able to get some pretty good shots. Here are a few of them.

The reunion weekend started with the welcome social on Friday night.

It was held in downtown Orlando, at a bar called Ember. The bar had a great vibe and was a great way to start off the weekend.

The next day was time for the family picnic. Everyone brought their kiddos to come play and have fun in the park.

Did I mention the picnic had a make your own ice cream sundae bar? It was perfect on that hot summer afternoon.

Then, Saturday evening was the night of big reunion party. They displayed tons of high school memorabilia. It was so funny to see all the hairstyles.

The party was held at the Orlando Museum of Art. What a stunning and unique venue. And the party was a total hit.

The planning committee really did a great job putting the whole weekend of events together. You could see that everyone had a great time.

Did you go to your high school reunion?


  1. Lok very nice.. Where was the event on Friday night?

    1. It was at a bar called Ember in downtown Orlando. We took over the inside, but they have a great patio too.