Aug 30, 2013

Friday faves

This was a super short week for me. After last weekend in Myrtle Beach and the week getting started with Abuela's birthday activities, time just flew by. Thankfully, next week will be a short one too. Before you start your long weekend check out my faves for this week.

picture from Thanks, I Made It
I love all the ideas that use hardware supplies to make cute things. And these hardware store bracelets combine hardware and craft supplies to make some cute arm candy.

picture from The Novice Chef
I don't understand why no one had ever thought of this amazingness before. Cuban Bread French Toast? Yes please!

picture from Creating My Way to Success
This is such a cute, different looking picnic bag. I love the cylinder shape and the drawstring compartment is perfect to hold your chips.

picture from My Modern Met
Love the look of these retro Disneyland attraction posters. The only thing that would make them better is if they were about Disney World.

picture from Peanut Butter Fingers
Julie's Bachelorette Party Gift Baskets are such a fun idea. It would be great to make some for a girls trip too.

picture from Crazy Little Projects
Keep calm and sew on? Any good seamstress or sewer knows you keep calm and grab the seam ripper! I'm gonna need one of these for my sewing room.

picture from
Kristin Chenoweth preformed at the Hollywood Bowl and asked an audience member to duet with her on "For Good" from Wicked (note, I love that song!). Well Kristin lucked out by getting a voice teacher, Sarah Horn, who kicked ass singing alongside her. Check out the link for Sarah's story, straight from her and a video of the amazing performance.

via Google
And finally, yeah I know I have a Miami accent, but it's actually it's a real thing (just like a Chicago or New York accent). Irregardlessbro, it's super cool! LOL

I hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend. It may be the end of summer to many, but I'm just hoping it doesn't get any hotter. No worries, I'll be by the pool this long weekend enjoying some summer sun and fun. 

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