Sep 3, 2013

Labor Day weekend: a shower, running, and baking

It was great to have another long weekend this weekend. Though it's the unofficial last weekend of summer, I know there will still be plenty of summer left in South Florida.

Saturday mom and I went to my cousin, Giselle's, baby shower. It was a cute Popeye theme. I even managed to win one of the games. It had been so sunny, I planned on hitting the pool when I got home, but then on our way home the torrential downpour began. No pool for me.

Sunday is run day, and my half marathon training plan had me doing 8 miles this weekend. I did it and it was all good, until my foot starting hurting a day later. A day later? What is up with that! It also rained in the afternoon, which totally derailed my pool plans, yet again. Luckily, in the evening it cleared up, so after dinner I just chilled in the pool and read while I enjoyed the last bit of sun for the evening.

Labor Day was about working though! It was a day for baking. I made some of my mojito cupcakes. And, I finally got to use all of my Williams Sonoma goodies from my prize pack. I have to say that my new microplane zester is amazing. I don't know how I zested before I had this. Mom, Pop and the boys came over for dinner, and Mom brought her strawberry margarita cupcakes. They were so good. I might have to try my hand at making those soon.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Did you make it to the pool or beach or did the rain try to keep you inside?


  1. The cupcakes looks great! Love that you added the paper straw!

  2. Thanks. I thought it was a great final touch!