Sep 20, 2013


Eating: Mofongo! I had tons of mofongo when I was in Puerto Rico. Mofongo con pollo, mogfongo con churrasco. It was all delicious. Though nothing really compares to Abuela's homemade version.

Enjoying: My vacation week. It's been a week of traveling non-stop, with only one day of stopping at home in between, but I'm loving it. Can I just be a professional traveler?

Watching: Patiently waiting for the new fall season to start. This weekend is the Emmys, which means that the new TV season will be starting next week.

Looking forward to: Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference. I can't wait to go to the conference and meet up with other bloggers and learn

Loving: Beautiful beaches, spending time with my nephew & niece, flip flops, visiting my bestie, prepping new orders, natural highlights from the sun

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