Sep 16, 2013

Travel tips: how to travel without checking a bag

I've taken a few trips in the last few weeks, and I've braved it and only taken a carry-on. I have to admit that it's been a bit of a mission, but it's totally possible.

The first thing you have to do when traveling carry-on only, is compact your liquids. Take only what you need. There is no need to take a full bottle of shampoo if you will only be gone for 4 days! Get a bunch of those little bottles from the pharmacy or the dollar store and fill them with all your products. You can also buy travel size products. Target has a great selection of all kinds of travel sizes products.  

Once you have your liquids in check, it's time to pack your clothes. I'm a chronic over packer, I'll admit nice never been too bad, but I tend to err on the side of just one more shirt "just in case." Really, take only what you need. 

Then when you go to pack your clothes, don't fold, roll! I didn't believe that this saved room, but it totally does. You can save lots if room by rolling things. 

Now it's time for luggage Tetris. See how you can best fit all of your items in your bag. 

Here is my packed bag for a 5 day trip to Puerto Rico. I took:
• 1 maxi dress
• 1 short dress
• 1 sundress
• 3 shorts
• 4 tank tops
• 2 bathing suits
• cover up
• sun hat 
• undies
• 2 flip flops
• 1 sneakers
• 1 toms
• pajamas
• workout clothes
• beach towel

This was all in my suitcase, then in my personal item bag, I had my purse with my camera, my liquids, toiletries, and my iPad. I know I could have packed lighter, but hey maybe next time.

Do you ever travel carry-on only?

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  1. Great tips!! Yes we normally carryon when its a short trip.. More than 5 days, is allot harder.. We went to Europe for an entire month a few years back and we packed for 2 weeks only. Did laundry and re-wore..