Sep 13, 2013

Friday faves

Happy Friday the 13th! I seem to have Great days on Friday the 13th, so I hope this one is too. I've been looking forward to this weekend, cause it's the start of my vacation. I'll be heading to Puerto Rico for a few days and hope to get lots of sun and eat lots of mofongo. Here are some links before I head off.

picture from The Sewing Rabbit
I've been checking out running belts like this to use for my half marathon. But now that I can make one, the possibilities are endless.

picture from Eat Drink Chic
What a great idea for a gift, bottles of homemade bubble bath with these stunning labels.

picture from See Kate Sew
I need a ruffler foot after seeing this tutorial on how to set one up.

picture from Fitnessista
I'm loving Gina's pics from her Italian vacation. I especially loved the ones from Positano, I can't wait to go there one day.

picture from Design Eat Repeat
These free printable note cards are perfect for "thank you"s or just because.

picture from The Gunny Sack
This is a great activity for a kids party. Hey, even I'd like to make some Princess Putty at my next party.

picture from Shutterbean
After this trip, I know this reset button salad will be a staple for a few weeks.

picture from Madalynne
And, this could not be truer. You know you're a seamstress when...

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I have a couple of posts scheduled while I'm out, so keep checking back.

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