Sep 26, 2013

Spider web cake

I was back to baking last week when I got an order to make a cake for a Spiderman obsessed 6 year old. He loves sweet, sweet desserts (the joys of being 6!), so his Mom asked for a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. He loves Spidey, so I made a web cake for him, in Spidey red with dark blue webbing and letters.

Now, making red frosting is no easy feat. I highly recommend getting the Wilton Icing Colors No Taste Red. Since you have to add so much, you want to make sure it's the no taste color, so the flavor of your frosting really comes through.

After I made the red frosting I did a crumb coat, then another coat of frosting on the cake. Then I started on the web. I free-handed the web design.

I also did my first successful attempt at writing on a cake. I'm still kind of in shock that the letters came out so well.

The cake was great for this little Spidey fan. His mom was so excited to take it home to show him.

I heard that everyone loved the taste of the cake and the birthday boy loved the Spidey theme.

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