Oct 28, 2013

Debary Pink Feet 10k

Because I am crazy, and because I needed a time to move up in corrals for my half marathon (I'm currently in the last corral, and I need a time buffer!), I signed up for the Debary Pink Feet 10k. It was a small race about 45 minutes away from Orlando, and it was also the only timed 10k Kristina and I were able to find before the half.

On race day we got up super early to drive to Debary. It was about 6am, so it was pitch black when we got there. Luckily, it took us a lot less time than we had anticipated, but at least we weren't rushing.

There were about 300 runners for the 5k and the 10k combined, so it was a MUCH smaller race than then Happy Haunted 5k. This was a total plus for me, since I'm basically used to running alone. Though it was a small race, it was really well organized and everything went smoothly.

Kristina and I wanted to practice as best as we could like we were doing the half. We decided to start out slow and then pick up the pace at the end. The 5k and 10k started together, and then split a little after the first mile. Once we split, it looked like we only had one person behind us. But our strategy seemed to work, and we started passing people. Slowly but surely we kept moving up. We weren't the last ones.

Of course, my Garmin died, so I don't know our mile splits, but I know we kept a great pace. And it was just awesome crossing that finish line and seeing that my hard work in training is paying off. The course was all asphalt (a huge plus after the 5k trail run), but there were hills! Something this Miami girl is totally not used to. Also it was very humid out making it a harder to run, but at least the course was shady and the sun stayed away til after we finished.

My official time, and my 10k PR, is 1:26:18. Not bad for someone who thought 6 miles was totally impossible a year ago!

This was a great race, and I'm glad I got to do a distance longer than a 5k in a race before the half marathon.

Have you ever done a 10k?

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