Nov 28, 2013

Thanksgiving baking

Each year, I'm tasked with making the desserts for Thanksgiving dinner. This is one of my big baking days, and every year I try to up my game. Last year I made my pie crust from scratch for the first time, and now I'll never go back to store bought pie crust. Here is what my homemade crust was filled with this year.

I have been told by Mom that there must be a pumpkin pie, so I will use my standard recipe. It always makes a great pie.

I always have a little leeway on the fruit pie side of things. I'm the one that really likes the fruit pies, so I feel like I can take a bit more artistic license, but I still like to keep it pretty traditional. I wanted both an apple and cherry pie this year, but I wanted a little something different. For the apple pies I tried the Pioneer Woman's flat apple pie. It was kind of weird working without a pie pan, but I crossed my fingers and put them in the oven.

They came out amazing and delicious. (And like she said, they were even better the next day.)

I wanted to make cherry pie, since it's Abuela and my favorite. I got these adorable tart tins in my prize basket for my award-winning cupcakes, and I thought they would be perfect to bake up some little cherry pies in. I used the crust I had left and was able to make 5 little cherry pie tarts.

They were so tiny and cute. I was worried that the crust wouldn't bake all of the way, since I was just inventing this recipe as I went, but it seemed like 45 minutes at 350 degrees did the trick.

What kind of pie did you have for Thanksgiving?

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