Jan 8, 2014


I had been wanting to go the restaurant,Swine Southern Table & Bar, for a while. It's right in Coral Gables, which is not that far. I mentioned it to my friend, Meli, and she had been wanting to go too, so we decided to try their brunch. It was delicious.

Our waiter was so helpful. Everything on the menu looked, so good we were having a hard time narrowing it down, but he recommended some really great dishes. To start, he recommended a great cocktail, the Homestead Bound. It was delicious and fruity, but not too sweet.

We wanted to try so many things on the menu, but we finally decided to split the Mac & Cheese, Brisket Steak and Eggs, and the Waffles with Bacon. The mac and cheese was awesome. It tasted like real cheese and was topped with breadcrumbs and bacon.

The brisket steak and eggs was a huge plate that was so good. It came with an amazing hash brown casserole. The brisket was tender and just the right amount of smokey. It also came with two eggs, which were great with the brisket.

Meli wanted the waffles with bacon more than me, but I ended up LOVING this dish. The cheddar waffles were crispy and fluffy, and the bacon was actually pork belly (so amazing!). This also came with a bourbon maple syrup, which gave the waffles a little kick.

We had a great time at Swine and were totally the dorks taking pics of everything we ordered. It was so good, we just had to share.

I would love to go back to Swine with a bigger group to be able to try more dishes. The ambiance of the place is laid back and country feeling. And the service is really great. Yeah, it's a little hipster, but the service is amazing and so is the food.

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