Jan 23, 2014

Trying someting new

My latest project is something different, I've been knitting. I love sewing and it comes pretty easy to me, but every now and then I like to mix it up and try a new craft.

Trying a new craft always sounds exciting to me, but then begins the doubt. How to even start? Will it come out half decent looking? Will this be too much to take on? For me, the beginning of a project always seems worse than it is. Getting past all that doubt and just jumping into something is the hardest part. At least for me it is.

My friend Jenni is a knitting fool. I see her knitting tons of things, from hats to socks to monsters. She and found a Downton Abbey knit a long, and since we are currently Downton obsessed, we decided to go for it. I've attempted to knit many times before, but never really made it past dish cloths and a basic scarf. This project is way more that I've ever attempted to do in knitting before. I'm going with the beginner options, and so far it's coming along. I'm a few weeks behind, but I'm catching up slowly but surely. Can't wait to see my shawl all finished.

Are there any new crafts you want to try?

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