Feb 21, 2014


Watching: The Winter Olympics. I have it on in the background and catch the events that I like, figure skating (Go Meryl & Charlie!!), bobsled, ski jumping. These sports are all so foreign, especially living in a tropical climate. I love getting a look at all the snow, even if it's melting cause it's not so cold in Sochi.

Looking forward to: RunDisney Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend this weekend! Kris and I will be doing the Enchanted 10k this time, but I really wish we would have signed up for the half marathon (I can't blame us, when we signed up we still had never done a half marathon, so we didn't know if we would ever want to do it again). But our princess costumes are almost ready and I'm so psyched to do another RunDisney race.

Thinking about: Making some serious strides in my business. I've been reading and seeing a bunch of stuff that keeps telling me to do something with my business. The universe seems to be screaming it at me. So, I'm gonna just do the homework and really go for it.

Listening to: I've been totally loving Bruno Mars lately. I blame it all on his amazing preformance at the Super Bowl. He's been on heavy repeat for me and I just can't get enough.

Loving:  weekend escapes, compliments, race bling, lunch outdoors, smiles, laughter, new phone cases, cute dresses, discovering new music, hugs from my niece and nephew and talks with my best friend

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