Feb 27, 2014

Enchanted 10k: the race

This past weekend I did the  Enchanted 10k, which was part of RunDisney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Now, Princess Half Marathon weekend, which is just a huge excuse for all the women, young and old, to wear tiaras all weekend. Gotta love that.

We got to the expo on Friday when I got into town and went to pick up our numbers. Now, I've been to a few of the Run Disney expos before, but this by far was the largest I'd been to yet. Guess it goes to show you how big the princess weekend is. We got our numbers, and purchased some Enchanted 10k t-shirts and headed back to Kris's house. It was gonna be an early wake up call, so we needed to get some shut eye.

The next morning, we were up at 3am (yes it is that ungodly to wake up in the middle of the night), and started to get ready for the race. We put on our costumes and tried to look our princess best. We drove over to Epcot, got into our corral, the last one, and waited... and waited. There were 10 minutes between corrals, which seemed like it took FOREVER. We ended up starting at 6:10.

Right as we got on the highway and passed under the first overpass, we saw Elsa from Frozen. She was wishing everyone a great race, and she even made it snow! It was so cool (pun intended!).

We got to the first mile marker, which was Snow White, so Kris had to take a pic with her.

Then we kept going. It was really humid out and I just felt sluggish. Luckily there was entertainment, the only wasy Disney can do it along the course. After we passed I think it was the second mile marker, there was a volunteer telling us that the ballon ladies were only 2 minutes behind. What?! Those are the people that pick you up if you are too slow. They were too close for comfort in my opinion. But luckily, the road opened up a little wider and we were really able to run now. We got into a groove after mile 3 (guess it really took a whole 5k to warm up).

At about mile 4 we came into Epcot through the countries. We saw a Snow White topiary and stopped to take a pic of Snow and Snow.

We kept going and I wondered if we'd see any Cinderella stuff along the course. She is French, so I had hoped to see something in France. And just as we were leaving France to cross the bridge to England, there was a topiary of Cindy and her Prince. We stopped to snap a pic of that for sure.

We crossed through the back of the World Showcare and were around the Beach Club and Boardwalk resorts. It was so nice to run around these resorts and there were even people cheering us along the way.

At this point we were almost back at Epcot and nearing the end. I saw lots of people puking, but I felt great. I really think doing a 10k last weekend helped. Kris was even feeling good too. We found some photographers along the way and smiled for all of them. And before we knew it we passed by Spaceship Earth and it was nearing the end.

We saw the finish line in front of us and went for it. Before we knew it we were done. Not my best time, but we took pictures and had lots of fun along the way. I love RunDisney races, the location, the costumes, the characters, and my favorite, the awesome bling.

Now when I signed up for this race, I hadn't yet done the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, so I didn't know or even fathom if I could do another half marathon. Instead of signing up for the half, I just did the 10k. And now, I wish I would have signed up for the half. Oh well, next year. Maybe I'll even try the Glass Slipper Challenge (the 10k and the half all in one weekend).

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