Mar 20, 2014


Reading: Divergent. I'm trying to read the book before I go see the movie, but I have a feeling I'll be checking out the movie this weekend even though I haven't finished the book yet.

Watching: Finally watching Orange is the New Black. I'm only a few episodes in, but it's pretty good. Can't wait to see what mess she gets into next.

Looking forward to: My next vacation. I think I might cross the pond again, so I'm researching and figuring out where to go. Any suggestions?

Listening to: My iPod again! Last week I accidentally erased all of my music from my iPod while I was trying to upload some new tunes. I was left with Bruno Mars and Frozen. I went back to my iTunes and finally got all my music back on the iPod again. Thank goodness.

Making me happy: late nights, wine, laughter, friends that make the day go by faster, weekends, cute shoes, shopping

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