Mar 17, 2014

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Today is the one day a year I'm Irish (well maybe just redheaded). Since St. Patrick's Day fell on a Monday, I had time to try out a new cupcake recipe for the occasion.

I had to use some Irish spirits to make the cupcakes really scream St. Patrick's without too much green. I got some Bailey's, Guinness, and Jameson to make some Irish Car Bomb inspired cupcakes.

First I made the cupcakes, instead of the liquid needed, I substituted the same amount of Guinness. It made the cupcakes nice and fluffy.

Next I made a chocolate ganache, spiked with a little Jameson's Irish Whisky. This gave the ganache just a little kick.

I filled the cupcakes with ganache. And I would like to thank the internet for letting me in on a little secret. I used the big frosting tips that I have to cut a hole in the cupcakes for filling.  This is so much easier than using a knife.
I made my regular vanilla buttercream, but made it "Irish" by adding some Bailey's Irish Cream to to the mix. It gave it just the right hint. Then a few green sprinkles and they were ready to go.

I know everyone at the office will enjoy this little treat.

St. Paddy's is always such a fun holiday. I hope you're wearing your green so you won't get pinched.


  1. Diana these look fantastic! What a great idea for St. Patrick's day. I'm sure your office will love them. People in my office are looking at my screen right wishing they had some of those cupcakes today :)