Aug 1, 2014

Friday faves

I'm back with my faves from all over the internet this week. So check out what I found:

via tuts+
This Totes Awesome tote is totes adorb!

picture from The Felted Fox
This DIY wrap crop top has me so intrigued... one day I may even get the guts to wear something like this.

picture from Seeded at the Table
I'm a little obsessed with brunch right now, and these bacon, egg & cheese roll-ups would be a great addition to any breakfast or brunch.

picture from Lil' Luna
I'm always looking for new handmade gift ideas, and this list of 20 inexpensive birthday gift ideas is perfect.

picture from Create & Thrive
Useful info for anyone wanting to have a successful online craft business.

And the trailer to Into the Woods!

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