Aug 15, 2014

Pokemon Cake

Mom and I are getting better at this whole cake decorating thing. This cake only took us a few hours (some others have kept us up all night!)

Our friend's son is all about Pokemon and Pikachu right now, so we made him a Pikachu cake! It's a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. The real fun was the decorating. We traced a Pokemon, colored him with edible markers and put him on the cake.

Can I tell you how awesome the edible markers are? It made it so easy to give Pikachu his face. I don't know why I hadn't bought them before.

Another cake in the done column. Each cake we make has a new set of challenges and a new technique or two to try out. This one was definitely fun, especially since I got to color.

If you could get a cake with a character on it, who would you pick?

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